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Due to the purchasing power of Crisoro brand We trades gold, silver and precious stones with consent of all the bodies responsible for monitoring and approval of the Bank of Italy.

Our staff is friendly and informative. We purchase in cash and a versatile system. We buy and sell diamonds and big names. We buy and sell bullion, but also scrap gold and silver without quantitative limits, testing everything without commitment and offering the best payouts in the market. The best actually on the square silver gold and diamonds for the purchase and sale.

We buy gold and silver to be melted. You can sell in any form: used, broken or scrap gold or silver; We buy high-end jewels, also recognizing the value of the signature. You will apply the English quotation on gold.

Phone: 328 306 0050




Crisoro s.r.l.
Info Negozi: Cell. 328.3060050 - 338.8117119 - Tel. 095.311667 - e-mail: info@crisoro.it
P.IVA: 04968680878